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Does VIX API works with vista 64 bit (I m facing problem)

Aug 27, 2009 at 2:18 PM


         I am using VIX api 1.6.2  to automate the VMware worksttation 6.5, when use the anz function with VixCOMWrapper.dll and Interop.VixCOM.dll on 32 bit  Xp and Vista it works fine but when i use it on 64 bit vista it throws an exception for example for the function reverttosnapshot  i got follwing exception.



 The VM failed to power on because.....  VIX.VixException: Cannot connect to the
 virtual machine
   at VIX.VixCOMWrapper.CheckForError(UInt64 err) in C:\Documents and Settings\h
.cs:line 210
   at VIX.VM.JobWaitWithoutResults(IJob jobHandle) in C:\Documents and Settings\
haa\Desktop\vix\vixcomwrapper-27985\VixCOMWrapper\VixCOMWrapper\VIX.VM.cs:line 1
   at VIX.VM.RevertToSnapshot(Snapshot snapshot, VIX_VMPOWEROP options) in C:\Do
cuments and Settings\haa\Desktop\vix\vixcomwrapper-27985\VixCOMWrapper\VixCOMWra
pper\VIX.VM.cs:line 1103


So can u plz tell me how to solve the problem?

Best regrads



Aug 28, 2009 at 7:49 PM


Have you compiled your application as x86?

This is necessary for the VIX-API to work on 64bit systems, because the VixCOM.dll is a 32bit library and will only be emulated by the WoW64 layer if the application is compiled as x86.

To compile your application as x86, in Visual Studio go to the application properties page, select the Build tab and select "Platform target: x86".

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